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  • Terms and conditions are the crucial part between the website and the user. You always need to correctly read the terms and conditions of the website to assure your safety. By visiting the website and registering on it, the website automatically acknowledges that you have read the terms and the conditions and understood all the points.
  • Further, you no longer can blame the website if you have not read the terms and conditions of the website before registering it. This is the crucial thing to refer and hence make sure you don’t neglect it.

Website Content and Services

  • All the content on the website is for informational purposes only. We don’t hold any casinos, neither have we had any connections to them. We are not carrying out any financial transaction, and hence we are not responsible for it.
  • The websites are themselves responsible for the online transactions and the safety of your money. Hence, select it wisely based on their feedback, allowing you to keep your money safely in the account.
  • Apart from this, we are not responsible for any loss of money. The user is accountable for the money if he is winning or losing.
  • We do not indulge in any conflict between the player and the casino companies. Hence the player needs to take care of themselves while enjoying the game and even keep in mind the terms and conditions of the website.
  • We do keep the right to terminate access to our website or service without any information.

Know Your Responsibilities

  • You always need to provide the correct information while you register on the website. You cannot give the wrong information, and if so, you might get banned from the website. Hence, when you register on the website, make sure of the below.

You warrant that:

  • You are 18 years old or above, or you may not register on the website.
  • You will operate the website for your personal use only and not for commercial purposes.
  • Make sure you make the perfect and correct use of the website and the service. Sometimes people use the website but not properly, which may violate the laws, eventually breaking the system.
  • Also, it would be best to warranty that you will not use the website for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. This way, the website can also work smoothly and efficiently.

What If You Deny Responsibility?

  • You will make use of the website at your own risk. The owner is not responsible for any harm, damage, or loss of the money.
  • There might be some error in the system and the websites at some point in time. We do not guarantee perfect error-free websites. Due to the increasing traffic, we need to update ourselves, and hence we need to ensure the ideal working of the website.
  • With the increase in the traffic of the people, there are chances of increasing the error, but we keep working on it. We try to provide you the perfect website. Also, we do not guarantee a virus-free website. With the increasing traffic, there will be a lot of technical glitches and the error. But we promise we will try to maintain it perfectly.

Know About Ownership

  • As the owner, we have taken the copyright of the content which is there on the website. You cannot copy the content of the website for any of your purposes. If found so, we can take legal action against the usage of our content.
  • If you ever want to use our content, you can always contact us for the same. Based on the legal procedure and your requirement, we shall try to help you, if possible.

What if You Do An Unauthorized Activity?

  • We are very particular about the content of our website. In any case, we don’t allow any illegal activity on our website. If found so, we can surely take legal steps against you.
  • If you wish to visit our site, you agree that you do not cause any harm to our website, which includes hacking, stealing content, spread virus, etc.

Right to Remove Content

  • You can always enjoy our site and leave us suggestions for improvement or what you are looking for on our website.
  • Suggestions are most welcomed. But if any non-relatable content is written to us, we keep the right to remove it, or we can even go for legal actions if the content is offensive.

Hence when you visit the website, you confirm all the terms and the condition of the website.

Third-Party Sites And Content

  • Fruitful content is always advisable; hence some of the content we use from the third-party resource providers. You will be redirected to the third-party website when it comes to the selected range. Therefore we are not responsible for what is going on there. Your information may be or may not be safe when it comes to third-party content. It all depends on you, and the content you browse will be at your own risk.
  • Without third-party content, it sometimes becomes challenging to keep the website updated. Hence, it is always advisable to use third-party content and keep you updated with the latest news.

Third-Party Gaming Sites

Games are the must what everyone is looking for and have fun. Here on the website, we advertise all kinds of games and relevant links. When you click on those websites, then you do agree on the below points.

  • Playing casino games is not legal everywhere. You click on the links, you confirm that you reside in the jurisdiction where the gambling activities are permitted.
  • The casino and the gambling games need a certain kind of age. You confirm that you have reached the minimum age of playing the gambling game by getting the game.
  • If you play the game illegally, legal action can be taken against you, and you may not be notified before taking any action.
  • By playing the online casino game, you confirm all the legal agreements, and you know about the cons if you break any of the laws by playing the game.
  • The casino game is pure about betting and the money. Online gambling may result in the loss of money if you choose to play the game. We shall not be responsible for any kind of loss that you bear while playing the game. When you decide to play the game, you know about the pros and the cons.
  • You are solely responsible for breaking any rule which applies to playing the game.


  • We don’t guarantee anything of the gain or loss of the money. You are surfing the website on your own and playing the games on your own.
  • We have not prompted you or forced you to play the game and invest the money to play the game. It will be your whole and sole responsibility.

What is Compensation for Damages?

  • By visiting the website and playing the game, you ensure that you are the whole and sole responsible person for playing the game and losing the money. The officers, directors, agents, contractors, or any other person associated with the website shall not be responsible for any compensation of loss or damage caused to you.
  • As the website, we don’t force you to play the game, neither have we prompted you to do such activity. It’s all based on your own need and the requirement.

What is Complaints Procedures?

  • By any chance, if we make a mistake, you have the full right to highlight that to us and proceed with the legal action. Do let us know about our error, and we will surely try to correct ourselves.
  • The contact form is available on the website; you can always fill and reach out to us in case of any complaints. Let us know if we have violated our intellectual property rights or damaged you by any means.
  • We are always open to hear from you and help you wherever required and possible.

Modification of Conditions

  • As the website, we do hold the right to modify and change our policies. We don’t always highlight the same to you. As the user, it will be your responsibility to check on us regularly and find out the policy changes.
  • Specific changes in the system are bound to be done. Hence as the user, you need to be aware of it as it will help you in case of any disputes.

Jurisdictional issues

  • You agree that in case of any dispute or legal action related to any of the websites, you can file the claim and only submit it at the court, which resides at the selected place.
  • You can submit the case file to the personal jurisdiction of such courts to adjudicate any such action.

Termination of use

  • The termination of the use depends on either you or us. The points will be valid from the moment you register on the website.
  • Anytime you can terminate the use of the website by deleting the account or discontinuing the service. Also, you need to destroy all the material obtained from the website, such as the documentation.

Once the use of the website is terminated, you don’t need to worry about the legal laws and courts.

Basic Provisions

  • The essential provision of the website is generally where the terms and the conditions are written. Any concern or legal action needs to be taken where the words and shapes are preferred and originated.
  • No other place will allow you to file a legal complaint.
  • If we take the example of gambling.com, all terms are written and based on the laws of the New York state and regulations of the USA. No other place will accept this.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Any content on the website is protected with the help of copyright. By any means, you cannot take the content from our website and try to use it for yourself. We can give you the notice for copyright infringement.
  • The website has your name and contact details, which will be helpful to send you the copyright infringement notice.
  • If you are not happy with any of our services and want to send the notice for copyright infringement, you can always take the help of the mail address provided in the contact form.
  • We are always open to making things work with you, and as a user, we always respect your privacy and content.
  • Our only motto is to provide you the perfect service and not to harm any of your intellectual properties by any means.

Language versions

  • In terms of discrepancy doesn’t matter which country you are working from the English will always be used as the default language.
  • All the documentation and paperwork will be done in English and will be the perfect language version.
  • No local language or another language apart from English will be acceptable to proceed with the legal and law-based documentation.