Responsible Gambling

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Addiction of any sort means getting attached to something or doing something beyond the limits where it has started to harm you. Gambling is any entertainment where one can buy tickets or lottery tickets, play cards in exchange for money, or visit casinos and gamble their money. Gambling addiction is now a severe type of addiction that is harming many people in today’s world. Gambling up to a specific limit is okay, but when a person is betting beyond the point of harm, it becomes dangerous and harmful.

We know that Las Vegas, USA is the hub for casinos and slot machines. Betting is widespread, and rich people go to Vegas and gamble their own money as a hobby. Many casinos earn a lot throughout the year, proving that betting addiction is expected in the USA. Betting was also practiced in ancient times, and till now, it’s trendy, and many people lose their wealth and sanctity due to betting addiction. If a person spends his whole day and his wealth in betting, he is a betting addict.

In the USA, most people are suffering from betting addiction. Betting addiction can be complicated to manage, and it causes changes in behavior. One needs special attention and therapy from behavior experts to treat this problem. You need to maintain the good equilibrium of your brain and manage your mental health to carry on the daily routine work perfectly. The desire to win takes a toll on them, and they are even ready to gamble their own house or car to beat. This issue is susceptible. One needs to see a doctor to treat this addiction.

Definition of Gambling Addiction (IZ)

Gambling addiction is a severe issue one needs to overcome. A gambling addict will lose all his money and lose his connections with his dear ones. They will lose contact with their entire family if they can’t overcome this addiction problem. People who gamble a lot are bound to borrow money from friends or banks; they mortgage their home or car, they tend to lie a lot to hide the truth from their families. Once you get addicted to the game and the events, you tend to catch mood swings. You suffer a lot from depression, anxiety, and many mental disorders. If you are at the initial stage of gambling addiction, it is always wise to start your treatment early; a few therapy sessions can help you overcome this problem.

To effectively overcome this problem, one needs to know all the harmful effects of gambling, the reasons behind betting addiction, how to identify the problem of betting addiction, what are the signs and symptoms of betting addiction, what are the treatments, how one can play responsibly and from where one can seek help.

How to Prevent Gambling Addiction?

It is a pretty challenging and very tough task to overcome the addiction to betting. Once you get addicted to it without expert help, you won’t recover from it. Here are some tips that one can follow to keep their gambling practice in check:

Set A Limit On Your Funds

One can always set a definite amount of cash they are going to spend on betting. A suitable method for doing this is to leave your cards behind at home and take the necessary money you need for traveling along with the amount you will spend.

You can also set an upper limit, like if you can decide that you will be happy with 200rs, then once you win that amount, you won’t have the urge to spend more on gambling. This is a psychological trick where your mind gets adjusted with winning 200rs and getting satisfied.

Using Different Wallet

This helps you in tracking your money. Having a separate wallet for gambling can help you to limit your expenditure on betting. Before playing, keep the amount you want to spend in your gambling wallet and move out of the house with it. This will disable you from spending extra money on betting apart from the allotted money.

Manage Your Time

If possible, then plan your gambling schedule. You can plan which day you will go for gambling and at what time, and if you can limit the time you spend there, that will help you a lot. If you have a lot of cash, you will spend a lot throughout the whole time. If will set a time that you will play for 1 hour, then your mind will be prepared for that.

Three reasons for the development of gambling addiction:

BIOLOGICAL REASONS: One who has low impulse control can quickly get addicted to gambling. Those who are suffering from some trauma or sickness can also find their escape from gambling. Genetics can affect having a betting addiction. If your parents have a gambling addiction, then you might get it too.

Presence of gambling: If you live in an area with many casinos and rooms for gambling, it becomes straightforward for you to become a betting addict. It might be possible that your friends and peers are also engaged in betting, creating an effect.

Personal factor: A person can be affected by some traumatic event in their personal life, leading to their gambling addiction. One can have an obsession with gambling, and that would result in gambling addiction.

How To Recognize a Problem?

One needs to identify that they are suffering from gambling addiction, and here are some symptoms that gambling addicts show.

  1. Being obsessed with betting – You can’t find anything else apart from gambling. You always think about it and find ways to win the game through gambling and earn money. Gambling will not even allow you to sleep properly or perform any other activity throughout the day. This may keep you tired the entire day, which will decrease the efficiency of performing various tasks.
  2. One can’t stop gambling at any point of the day – It’s specific addiction that can destroy your financial status. The gambling does not go off from your head. Your brain stops thinking about anything else apart from gambling. You no longer care if it is daytime or nighttime. You always seek to play the game doesn’t matter wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
  3. Showing mood swings when not gambling – When you are not playing the game, your mood does not remain the same as earlier. Hence, gambling makes you feel good, which is eventually breaking you. The irritating behavior also increases. You get short-tempered about small things doesn’t matter whatever you do.  The mood swing is the major and the significant symbol of your casino or gambling addiction, and you have to accept this fact.
  4. Finding betting the key to happiness – No soon you get to play the gambling game, your mood becomes perfect. You start enjoying the game. Moreover, you start liking the shortcut thing of making money. All day, which you have been waiting to play, the casino games come live in front of you, and you can now start trying the things and the tricks you have been thinking of throughout the day.
  5. Not agreeing that they are suffering from addiction is the most common symptom most people face. Betting makes you addicted to it. But most people would never admit that. Hence this is a sign of the addiction to betting. If any person tells you that you are a gambling addict, you get short-tempered immediately.
  6. Stealing or borrowing excessive money for betting – The more you play, the more you will be the gambling addiction. Eventually, you will be short of cash. Hence, betting will also force you to steal money from anywhere as it is a bribe to earn more money.
  7. Withdrawal from social gatherings for betting – Betting does not keep the person free. You will always avoid social groups to play games. Moreover, if you lost money in betting, you need to prevent it and find it challenging to face the people.

How to Overcome the Problem of Gambling?

  1. Self-control is the primary key here to overcome gambling. You will be tempted more and more towards betting, but self-control is the only key that will keep you safe. Keeps the limited funds with you which will eventually control your involvement in the game.
  2. If you have a financial crisis, don’t consider gambling as an option to earn. Try to look out for some jobs. The more you play and lose in betting, the more you will be tempted to play it. Hence eventually, you will get addicted to betting, which can destroy you financially.
  3. Engage yourself in some activities or hobbies that are more useful and try not to make gambling a habit. Develop proper habits which are crucial and valuable for your daily growth. Developing good habits eventually creates you. You need not worry about your financial situation if you establish good practice, success.
  4. Try to limit – Your time and money engaged in betting. Hard work is the only key to gain money. You need not worry if your progress is slow. Just think if your success is on the correct path. Slow and steady progress is advisable for your success rather than gambling which can destroy your money.
  5. Most importantly, if you have a problem, opt for therapy without any delay. The therapy, at some point in time, will divert your mind into something else. Hence this will save a lot of time for you to start developing new habits. Therapy is the kind of meditation that is preferable for the body and makes the soul pure.
  6. Make new friends – always make new friends, which is essential and crucial for self-development. The new friends will always push you in a better way, and it will make you a better human being. Always learn new things from your friend who will give you enough success.

Three Stages of Gambling Addiction Development:

  1. The phase of becoming addicted – One where the person can’t stop gambling, and throughout the day, they continue doing that and can stop thinking about it.
  2. The phase of losing – When a person loses, then they get the sudden urge to win, and this way, if they keep losing, the desire doesn’t die, and they keep on betting.
  3. The phase of despair – A person feels helpless and doesn’t feel happy if not betting. They will have anxiety and stress when they are not gambling.

How Can I Seek Help?

Many organizations are helping people worldwide to overcome this addiction, and not only that; you can ask your close ones like friends and family as they will support you and help you overcome this.

Tips for playing

  • The game is only for fun. You should not indulge yourself entirely in the game, which can cause you heart problems. If you take the game very seriously, the pressure will increase as you have invested so much money into it. Hence keep the limited funds and play only for fun. You need not worry much if you are only playing the game for fun.
  • The betting depends on luck. You cannot reply to it for the daily wages. To earn the daily wages, you need to have a proper job and career. Gambling is the fun point that takes off your work/ job pressure. Hence, it would be best if you played the game only for fun.
  • If you are trying to decide whether or not you should go into a particular game, keep in mind how much money you have in your pockets and how good of a poker player you are. Play only if you think you are capable enough to win the game. You need to learn the game first to be able to win the round and exciting prize. You can always use the advice from your friends or family members if they have played the game before.
  • You should keep in mind that you should not let others tell you what to do while gambling. If someone asks you how you are doing, then do not tell them you are gambling. Instead, tell them that you are evaluating the game and how the cards are falling.
  • It would be best if you always kept your wager at a reasonable level. If you do not do this, then you may find yourself losing more money than you expected. It is not a good idea to bet the same amount each time you place a bet on a game. Instead, find a more realistic betting range that you will be comfortable with and work within that.

List/table of the events, and you can reach them by below.

  • BEGAMBLE AWARE -0808 3334 343
  • GAMCARE – 0808 3555 554
  • GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS – 855-224-3455


Gambling is exciting when you play it with your friends and family. Don’t invest much into it and play only for fun. You may lose a lot of money if you are not playing the game with the correct spirit and indulging too much in it. Always have the desired amount with you and stop playing once it gets exhausted.

So to prevent gambling addiction, the person who wants to get over the habit of gambling must adopt various other hobbies in place of gambling which can act as a distraction from the gambling. Therefore pursuits such as reading books, yoga, exercise, or doing any extracurricular activity can benefit in many ways. It can also be beneficial for coping with the management of stress.