We do take care of your privacy and always do keep in mind the importance of your privacy. The privacy policy is specially designed to understand how we collect and what information we hold about you.

You need to read and understand all the privacy policy points to ensure we take care of the information. Also, you will come to know what information we do collect for the website. You can always file a complaint if you feel the data is not protected, or you may reach us at any time to get your queries solved.

What Data Do We Collect?

  1. Initially, we want to know about the system you are working from. This may include the browser, the operating system, the IP address, and the time you operate the website. This does not have any of your data.
  2. The IP address will include UDID, IMEI number, MAC address, etc. This all information will be available to us from your computer system directly.
  3. Going on further, we would ask and collect the data, which includes your mail-id. The mail id will be stored in our system, which will allow us to identify the name and the domain.
  4. Website duration – This includes the timing and the time till which you are surfing on our website. We also store the data on how long you are on the page and what activities or number of clicks you have done on our website.

Apart from this, a few pieces of information are also collected by third parties. This includes information about the credit history and the credit instructions.

How We Use This Data?

When you register with us, you provide your personal information such as your name, contact number, address, email id, etc. You must know when do we make use of such information and how do we use this data?

Please note the below points, which will give you an idea of where we use this data.

  • In case of some disputes or legitimate interests, we make use of this data. The fundamental rights do not override those interests.
  • You have provided us the information we can use in case of the specific consent for the legal basis. We will always obtain your consent before proceeding with any legal action. We never move with any legal actions directly without highlighting them to you through email. You can always withdraw the consent at any time by contacting us.
  • We promise not to use your personal information elsewhere without overriding your interest and fundamental rights.
  • The personal information we get in the policy is always preferable for legitimate interest and purpose. But you will always be notified before doing so. We don’t use or give personal data to any customer or the websites without getting the surety of the data.

Furthermore, we use your data to provide various kinds of service and gain your trust to visit our website.

  • We use the data to provide our service, which includes promotional offers.
  • When you communicate to us, your data will allow us to revert you and solve the query, if any. Also, we will use the data to update you about the various updates and newsletters. This way, you can always be in touch with our day-to-day offers and activities.
  • You can get the best support and service from us in case if we have your contact. This way, you can have a hustle-free experience on our website.
  • We do keep updating us; hence for that, we analyze the data and do some research. We do keep asking for feedback on our website from you, and this way, it will help develop ourselves. You will always get the best service from our end.

How Non-personal information is helpful?

  • To do the market analysis and study the flow of traffic. We do want to know when the traffic highest on our website is. This way, we can play our schedule for the games and the tournaments to get the best support.
  • Self-analysis is always necessary and helpful to improve our functioning. Hence, it is a must to have the perfect data for ourselves.

How Do We Collect Data?

  1. When you click and visit our website, we know about your operator, your IP address, your MAC address, and when you visited the website.
  2. Moreover, if you are visiting from the mobile phone, the operator helps us provide you on our website. The more you spend on the website, the better information we try to fetch.
  3. The content of our website is so much attractive and helpful as this will drag you to subscribe to the newsletter.
  4. For registering on the website and the newsletter, you need to provide information such as name, address, date of birth, email, house address, contact details, and many more. You cannot subscribe to the newsletter without providing all the details.
  5. Also, if you try to register us through Facebook, your profile details are accessible to us, giving the suitable and the desired information we require to open the account. But anyway, we don’t post anything about us on your timeline without your permission.
  6. If any issue or support is required, you can always provide the required information voluntarily on the website.

Cookies & Web Analytics Tools

The cookies and the web analytical tools help you to access the website smoothly. It continuously records what you are looking for and what activity you perform on the website. Based on this, the website will autosuggest the desired action with the help of Google Analytics.

Based on your search history, google analytics will provide you with the required advertisements, which can help you to reach and get your desired requirement.

Your search history becomes crucial, and this google analytics will study what you are looking for. They will create the backlinks and present them to you when you are surfing through the internet. This way the google helps to bring the thing to require fitting in front of you.

About Google Analytics

  • The website shares your requirement with Google, which is said to be the third party. But as highlighted in the privacy policy, the website does not share your personal information with the website.
  • We do tie-ups with certain companies, which will eventually develop a user-friendly relation with our customers. The third-party companies will provide our customers certain benefits, promotions, and discounts that are beneficial to them.
  • Google Analytics will analyze the user’s interest, and accordingly, they will show the advertisements of their interest. This will impact the user and prompt them to buy the required item or service.
  • Google Analytics does provide the statistics of the website, which includes the traffic, click, and the use of the website without disclosing the identity.
  • The website ensures to keep the user information safe and secured, and also they will provide the personal information to their subsidiary company for the business.
  • The website assures the perfect working and will provide the service for the best possible time. If, due to unfortunate reasons, if the website’s sale needs to be done, all the registered information may be transferred to the third party who is buying the websites. The data will be safe and secured with the third party, and you will always be notified in such a case.
  • In case of any dispute, the website owner holds the right to disclose the information required by the law. This information may be disclosed to the concerned person or the authorities without your permission. Of Course, you will be getting a notification about such a thing, but the website won’t ask for your consent to disclose the information.

How Do We Protect The Information We Collect?

  • We use SSL encryption, highlighting all the required data from the IP address to the server location.
  • We have a particular type of security that will protect the users’ data and protect their information that does not get leaked.
  • If you no longer want to continue with our website, you always have the provision of the contact us form, which you can fill and contact us. We will provide all the data which we collected about us from our system. This will you can be free from the website with all the data being erased.

How Long do we Keep Information About You?

  • We keep the data with us as long as we require up to a specific period. The record of the data we hold depends on the type of data.
  • We do not keep the IP address and such data for an extended period. But we keep the data that has your name, number, contact details, residential address, and mail id. We do keep this for long till you are associated with us.
  • You can always reach us and ask us which of your data we are having at any point in time. This way, you can also be double sure of the safety of the information we are keeping. If you are happy with the data we hold, we are also safe as we as not asking much from the user.


  • The service and the gambling games are not be used by individuals below 18 years. If you are below 18 years and registered on the website, some legal action might be taken against you, which might harm your image.
  • If you are not legal, please do not visit the website and do not use the services.
  • We reserve the right to verify your age; the information will say your date of birth and place of birth. If you illegally register on the website, you will be permanently banned from it and will not be allowed to visit it in the future.
  • If you are registering yourself as below the age of 18, we reserve the right to reject your application. This may tempt you to enter the wrong data. But in case if we verify your account, then you might be in serious trouble.
  • It’s always a must that you protect your privacy, and we know how important your privacy is. We shall try our best to keep the data with us and keep them safe. Make sure you provide us the correct data of yourself, which does not harm our website and makes it a legit and fun-loving website.