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Singapore’s online casinos are another brand-new source of entertainment for residents of the country. However, it already has many fans spending a lot of time on their computers and smartphones. Playing at the casino is a fun event and an excellent opportunity to make some money or hit the jackpot. At the best casino online, players can find many games for free and for real money. Among them are slot machines, card, and board games. There are many other new games as well which are introduced at the casino. But only try it if you are good at it. If not, don’t worry, you will get used to it.

Many times, it becomes very difficult to decide at which casino you should spend your time and money. This is especially true when you find an enormous range of casinos out there. This is why many gambling sites are getting more and more popular with the increase in the number of online casinos. However, before starting to play, you should always ask some questions yourself. How to choose a trustworthy website? How to know which one you should visit regularly?

In that regard, we are here to help you at onlinecasino65.sg. We have a fantastic team working on our site, which gives our customers the best piece of advice that can be found anywhere. Here are the main reasons you shouldn’t look for more on the casino list regarding online gambling requirements. Our team will help you learn new games and are always here to support you whenever required.

Meet Our Team

The success of every project depends on the professionals working for that project. Thus, it is the hard work of team members who are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the project a successful one. Our expert team members are entirely dedicated to the gambling platform online. Most of our staff members are the ones who have spent years working in online casinos or even reviewing them.

We are passionate about gambling in Singapore, but our members are also specialized in finding the merits and shortcomings of any casino site. We are delighted to give you honest reviews about any site so that your money and time are secured. Recommending you the perfect casino site that suits you is our priority. We always welcome the punters with great curiosity and enthusiasm. As a team, we ensure that we offer you the best and unforgettable experience so that you always come back for some similar kind of experience with us.

Our Mission

Our goal is to find the best online casinos and bonuses out there. We do our best to ensure that our guests get the best gaming experience using the most severe online casinos. We offer our readers the best bonus offers like any Deposit Bonus or Free Spin Bonus. We compare offers so you can win cash. We always provide the best welcome bonus to our users. They can enjoy and start playing the game with the help of a welcome bonus.

Without the welcome bonus, the user may not be happy as they will have to deposit the money into the account first and then start playing the game. But not here. We always provide the welcome bonus to the user, which is helpful to play the game and enjoy the moment.

Our Editor

Ryan Wong is an author and a gambler. He, at the age of 33, enjoys playing online casino games and creating online gambling content. He spares his time in technology, food, gambling and is fond of that. He was born in Singapore, where he still lives there.

He joined Onlinecasino65.ag and started working as a junior content writer in the year 2017. He worked hard for two straight years, making him the head editor and marketing director of Onlinecasino65.ag. With his best experience in gambling, he could find all the necessary information related to gambling. With that information, he can ensure that our customers can access the latest news and information related to online casinos in Singapore. He also finds and provides information about the slots, payment methods, and developers. Our visitors can have access to high-quality content about online casinos in Singapore.

The website is linked to third-party content as well. The third-party content will always enable you to get new information that is useful to you; without the third-party content, it’s difficult to keep the website updated for the users.

Our Philosophy

If some casino is good, we talk about it. We get some lousy casino; then we are all the more talking about it. Our online casino tests are compiled in the most detailed and objective way so that you do not have to look for a suitable casino for a long time. We are direct, frank and our review is as transparent as it can be. In addition, we are always glad to receive your feedback. If you find incorrect information about the casino in our reviews, we are always happy to understand this issue further and solve the problem. Our page is exclusively for players, so write to us for any reason. It’s essential to stay connected.

Our Values

  • Honesty. Knowing the importance of impartiality, we always express our views based on comprehensive research. You can be sure about our honesty for our visitors on any platform.
  • Openness. The review team we have works hard to get transparency with our users. They try to be open with clients possible. We also have a section of contacting us that allows people to contact our team for requesting any casino. We also know that positive criticism which drives our work, which means we are always open to it.
  • Independence. It’s as easy as ABC, where we work only with professionals with good intentions. No one can buy surveys or pay us to print fake information. Our interest in our message is what gives us freedom in our niche.
  • Expertise. Our research team consists only of professionals with long experience in the niche of online gambling. That is why we are always enthusiastic about writing and talking about online casinos. The experts are always helpful to make the website a better place to play games online. The expertise allows us to work error-free and make the best possible games for the users.
  • Quality. Since we reviewed twice and updated our reviews, you can be sure that they are all pretty good. We are dedicated to holding the quality of content as high as we can be proud of. Quality place an essential role in the holding of the user. If the user is not enjoying the quality of the content that we provide, we don’t deserve to be here then.

Our Professionalism

Our team has good professionals and experts in their field in the field of journalism, media, and players with many years of experience in online casinos. Our experts guarantee the loyalty of the brand. All of our employees love to play in online casinos; we exchange information about new games and funny jokes in online casinos. We are always happy to receive positive feedback and criticism! Are you looking for an online casino? Then come to us!

How we Review Online Casinos

We are sincere and severe about casino reviews and provide our readers with high credible casino information with unparalleled detail. To ensure that we only promote high-quality sites, we have developed specific strategies that should be met with casinos. On this page, you will be going through a few steps in our system that better describe any online casino’s reviewing procedure.

  • Security and Trust
    We start this program by testing casino security and reliability. We understand the importance of anyone’s data and money, so we keep it safe in our hands. To ensure that the casino performs a secure, transparent, and legal service, we look at the Legitimate Code and Valid SSL Encryption license. If we don’t get enough security to keep the information about our users safely, they might not visit us again and not recommend us to anyone. Hence the privacy comes first.
  • Games and Software
    We want our readers to be sure that they enjoy the best of our recommended casinos. A truly impressive game option should include a wide variety of games, incredibly progressive jackpots, free-to-play options, game software from top developers, high-quality, downloadable software, and a smooth experience in the browser. The software does not require much high configuration of the system. Any small unit of the computer will also be able to open the software.
  • Bonuses
    Everyone likes bonus offers to increase their funds, and you will find them in most online casinos. Our experts will not only look for the most amazing offers, but they will also take great care to ensure that they are indeed as beneficial as they sound. The bonus helps to attract more and more users as it allows the players to play the game without any kind of investment. Some casinos also offer the free signup bonus and welcome bonus on registering. Hence, this brings in more traffic and more participants.
  • Banking & Money
    There is no doubt that the safety of funds and quick access to bonuses are essential to all players. We complete the entire process of deposits and withdrawals to give you an accurate impression of expectations and to rate the casino’s performance. The safety of the money is a must when it comes to online money transactions. Hence, we do take care of your money and keep them safe with us, which allows you to play the games.
  • Customer Care
    No matter what game you play from which site, you will sometimes need help from customer support. Therefore, we make sure that every casino we recommend puts the best interests of our customers in mind. As the customer care executives, we are available 24/7 at your service. Doesn’t whichever issue you are facing, our service executives are there to help you out at any time. This will ensure you that the problem will be solved immediately and make you realize that we are reliable.
  • Mobile
    There are now many players choosing mobile devices to replace or in addition to desktops, and casinos must adapt to both devices simultaneously. We visit every casino on many Android, iPhone, and tablet devices to find out the best site for online casinos. You can operate our website from any device, such as Android or iOS. You won’t find any issue in terms of the smooth functioning of the website. The storage required for the website is very minimum; hence it is never the issue.
  • Localization
    When playing online, you have access to a large number of casinos from different countries. We love to see casinos catering to the diverse needs of users around the world, allowing everyone to enjoy a truly incredible experience while playing online. The online casino games have got the special area up to the state where there is clear permission to play the casino games.
  • Our Guarantee
    onlinecasino65.sg Die with SG Quality Stamp.No matter where you see this seal, you can be sure that onlinecasino65.sg is guaranteed to be valid. We guarantee that every casino review is based on data-driven research and the expertise of our experts, and our editorial team writes up-to-date, honest, and independent reviews.
  • We are referenced
    You may have seen links to Casino.org on numerous internet sites. Here are a few portals where we have been named as a reliable source of gambling information. The reference sources are very much useful to increase the traffic on the website. The traffic brings in more participants to the website.
  • Legislative Framework
    The legal and gambling situation worldwide is constantly changing, and we are monitoring this progress and informing you. You can be sure that the casinos we recommend have a valid license from known law. Casinos that do not comply with applicable laws and regulations are blocked.
  • Affiliate Disclosure
    The casinos offered are our partners, and we get over the fact that if someone follows the link, sign up and play games. But this is not a scam. Many travel blogs and review sites do the same thing. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to increase the traffic on the website and is not at all an offense.