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Every gambling enthusiast knows what the game of blackjack consists of and at first glance it might seem that the game has no secrets even for newbies. This review is bound to reveal the complexity of the game and present why playing blackjack online free in Singapore, might be the best idea for those trying to perfect their strategies and win real money when they join a game with cash on the line.
When playing online for free, there is a whole myriad of benefits to experience. You can have a lot of fun while getting some really important practice behind your back. Now, who knows, maybe you will become such an experienced player that you will be able to play for real money and become rich within a matter of minutes. Sounds fascinating, right? Go on and try! Playing for free has no strings attached; there is just pure fun for you to enjoy, and if one day you decide that you are ready, you will be experienced enough to begin your career as a successful gambler.

Best Singaporean Free Blackjack Games


Blackjack Online Free

As we’ve constantly mentioned during all our reviews, it’s a grave mistake to go into Singaporean real cash games all smug, especially if the rules of the game are not entirely known. Even if it seems easy at first glance, in order to play blackjack online there are several strategies that can be devised. Surely, these plans can’t be successful if the rules of the game are blurry, if the slang of the game is unknown to the player, especially in blackjack, where the player actively competes with a professional dealer. This is obviously a player that does that for a living and dreams the rules and strategies, so beating him is that much harder.

If the importance of learning the rules by heart has been set, let’s see what they actually are, in order to have a successful outcome when playing blackjack games online:

  1. First of all, the main goal is that the sum of the cards in the player’s hand to be closer to 21, than those in the dealer’s hand, without actually going over the limit of 21.
  2. The points for each card are: 10 for each face card, the number written on any of the numbered cards and 1 or 11 for the Ace, whichever gets a better result.
  3. Each player has two original cards. The dealer only has one out in the open, with another hidden.
  4. The players can ask for additional cards saying “Hit”. The moment the player doesn’t want any more cards, his turn comes to a stop by asking “Stand”.
  5. Going over the limit of 21 means losing, no matter what the dealer holds. Receiving an Ace and a face card from the start, means directly 21 and this is what getting a Blackjack means.
  6. The dealer also has some limitations, in order to give a really odd to the gambler for a win. Thus, the dealer hits until reaching 17 or higher, at which moment the dealer automatically stands, regardless of the amount gathered.
  7. There are some strategies including the “Double” and “Split” call, which would be advisable to try out first in online free no cash included versions. “Double” is a hit, only the bet is doubled and only one more card is dealt. The “Split” appears when the same card is given twice and the similar cards turn into two distinct hands, thus having more chances to beat the dealer.
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How to Play Blackjack

As we’ve described the basic rules of blackjack, things might seem they’ve become a bit more complicated than originally thought. About how to play, there is a simple workflow, which doesn’t need that much of explaining, but which we’ll detail in what follows. Things are not as complicated when it comes to starting a new blackjack game, once a gambler has managed to choose the right Singapore casino, enlist on it and make the deposit of the amount necessary to wager with.

The first step would be to select the precise game of blackjack from all those options available on the preferred Singapore casino online. The first difficult choice comes in picking which of the alternatives is best suited for each player.

Having made that initial choice, rest assured as there are more to follow. Taking a seat at the virtual table of blackjack of your choosing, the only thing left to do is to establish the amount of real money to risk in wagering and once that is finalized, pressing the “Deal” button. This starts the shuffling of the deck and deals with the two first cards for each player and the dealer.

This takes us to the most important choices to be taken during a game, reducing it all to being consistent with the blackjack basic strategy of each player. Depending on the cards dealt, the gambler needs to choose whether to hit or stand. Once the stand command has been said, the adrenaline kicks in as the dealer’s cards are revealed and the outcome of the blackjack round, reaches the end. Winning or losing, the player needs to carry on to the next round.

Player Decisions

We’ve been talking about the choices that any Singaporean blackjack enthusiast needs to make during each round, as part of the gameplay. We feel that these definitely need to be repeated during several sessions in which gamblers to play free blackjack. This way, with lots of practicing, the decisions that need to be taken on the spur of the moment, are going to feel only natural and instinctive.

The Stand

The most common decision for anyone that wants to play blackjack is whether to Hit or Stand. The Stand means that the hand dealt is the final version of the cards that the gambler remains with, and with that number he competes with the dealer’s hand. After the Stand, the player can’t bring any other change to that round and depends on the inspiration and luck of the dealer.

The Hit

The Hit represents the risk taken by the player, in the search of a better positioning, closer to the 21 winning limit. Depending on the originally dealt cards, the Hit decision has a fair amount of chances to get a card which is going to propel the gambler over the 21 limit, thus losing decisively, regardless of what cards the dealer has. There’s a lot of calculation and probabilities that run around the player’s head at this point.

The Double Call

The Double call happens when the player has low numbers on his card and is confident to receive a great card next, as this decision doubles the bet, but only gives out one single card, afterward the player automatically Stands.

The Split

Finally, the Split decision is probably one that should be exercised in the free no download options of blackjack. This happens when there are two cards of the same value, at which point the players decide to go on two different hands, each separate and receiving distinctive cards than the other. The chances of winning against the dealer double, as a result. The player can re-split for up to four hands.

The Surrender

Some versions of blackjack have a Surrender option, after the first two cards have been dealt, the gambler can withdraw from the round, with half the stake.

Basic Blackjack Terms

Besides the decision-making and strategy, there is a specific language that needs to be used or at least known, for a gambler to successfully reach a favorable outcome. These are the kind of notions learned when trying to play blackjack free, familiarizing with the terms, without having to fear losing money over it.

For starter, the Blackjack is the desired hand to get when the first two cards are dealt with, having an Ace and a face card, counting for 10 points. The total would be 21 from starters, putting the player in a favorable position.

The dealer’s cards both have a different name, to differentiate them. For instance, the card facing upwards is known as the Upcard, while the one hidden from the participants at the table, dealer included, is known as the Hole Card. While the Upcard is always in plain sight, the Hole Card is revealed only after each player at the blackjack table has decided upon their final hands.

Even money is the decision to take when a player has received the blackjack hand and the card shown by the dealer is an ace. Gambler can ask for even money and get his stake back.

The notion of First Base is of real help when in a tournament, as the first player on the dealer’s left is known as the First Base and the first to act in a round.

Other useful concepts when wanting to play blackjack for real money, are Double Down, which is the expression used when a gambler wants to double the bet and receive just one additional card. Also, a Soft Hand refers to a hand that includes an Ace, while a Hard Hand means it doesn’t have an Ace among the cards.

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Types of Blackjack Games

As mentioned in a previous chapter, there are several types of blackjack games, with slight variations in the gameplay, the number of card decks used, or even the denominations of the players’ decisions. Some of the most popular versions of the online blackjack games are detailed in the following sections.

Atlantic City Blackjack

This is the type that offers the most favorable odds for players. Trying out the blackjack free online version can help gamblers train for most blackjack alternatives, as this is pretty close to the standard version. There are 8 card decks used, meaning that a strategy based on counting cards is out of the question, meaning that the only thing left to do is develop some other sorts of successful strategies. The Atlantic City option usually has the late surrender and insurance decision, part of the higher odds awarded to the gambler.

European Blackjack

On the opposite side of the Atlantic City blackjack, and another type of games online free trial needed to learn its peculiarities, the European blackjack is only played with 2 card decks. Another quirky aspect refers to the way the cards are dealt, with two face up cards to each gambler at the table and only one face up card given to the dealer. The hole card is only dealt with after all the participants at the blackjack table have decided upon their final hand. Also, cards valued 4, 5 or 10 can’t be split, but all the others remain available, including Aces.

Spanish 21

An awkward alternative of this game, it’s played with six or eight card decks, out of which all cards with the 10 number on them are taken out of the deck, leaving only 48 cards in each deck to play with. Also, the dealer has the option to peek at his hole card and declare the round won should he have a Blackjack hand or a 21. These obviously increase the house edge and in an attempt to balance things out, insurance and late surrender are accepted and also a less popular call to surrender move after doubling down.

Progressive Blackjack

The progressive blackjack refers to gameplay similar to the standard game of blackjack, but it also gives any gambler the opportunity to win an increasing jackpot. In order to win the progressive jackpot a different side bet of $1 is necessary. The jackpot is won when a gambler has a hand containing four Aces. Three Aces mean a prize of 5000 dollars, two Aces mean $100 and only one Ace can pay $5. This gameplay is also one in which the dealer can peek at the hole card and offer insurance of 2:1 against an exposed Ace.

Blackjack Switch

This is one of the most entertaining versions of this game and should be played at first in an alternative of free blackjack online, as there are some aspects and strategies to reconsider. The blackjack switch starts by dealing each player a double hand, with two pairs of face up cards, while the dealer only gets one classic hand, with an upcard and a hole card. The quirkiness of the game appears when the gambler has the right to switch any card among the two dealt hands, for a better result. The payout for the Blackjack is of only 11, instead of the usual 32 times the stake.

No Download Blackjack

There are multiple benefits of using the no download version of playing blackjack online in Singapore. To begin with, downloading additional software on the device used for playing can take up a lot of space on its hardware, which might be inconvenient, especially if wanting to play blackjack for free and there is an app to be downloaded for this demo version and another app for the real money game. When in constant trouble of finding space on your computer or smartphone, making room for two different apps for the same game, can be quite a nuisance.

Furthermore, the instant play available directly using the Internet browser, instead of the downloadable option can be of real help in avoiding getting your device infected with malware that usually follows the digital content. It’s also a good choice for both online blackjack practice and real money betting as it can be accessed from any device, not having to be tied up in front of your desktop.

Interesting Facts about Blackjack

A swift glance at the history of the game of blackjack takes us back to the 16th century in Spain, as the first mention of it comes in a short story between 1601 and 1602, as the gambling game named ventiuna, meaning 21, which is just the limit that blackjack has to depart between a losing hand and a winning one.

The actual name of Blackjack has been invented after the game made its way into America. To promote the game, some gambling venues offered a special prize if the player’s hand held an Ace of Spades and a Jack of either Clubs or Spades, in other words a Black Jack.

What makes this game one of the most popular in casinos all over the world, is that it combines luck and skill, which is what most gamblers search for in a casino game. This and the fact that the opponent is a dealer, which players see as a casino representative, add to the satisfaction felt when having a winning hand as for most, is as they’ve actually beaten the casino itself.

The American blackjack game in all its versions is available in land-based casinos from 140 different countries. Almost all Internet-based venues, in a proportion of 99% hold at least one table of blackjack and most even offer the online blackjack free of charge, used for training, like online blackjack by NetEnt.

Its popularity is also given by the low house edge of less than 1%, one of the lowest among all casino games. And as another trivia, the worst hand to be dealt at first in a blackjack game is 16, as chances to overpass 21 are high with another hit and chances that the dealer has a better hand are also high in case of a stand.

FAQ: Free Blackjack Singapore

  • ㉑ Does card counting work for free blackjack?
    There is nothing in the casino blackjack rules that forbids players to count cards, although this is a scenario often shown in movies. However, in the online version of blackjack, each round has the card decks reset, starting with the same odds each time, so it’s completely useless to try and count cards.
  • ㉑ Do I have to download anything to play free games?
    There are some casinos that ask gamblers to download content in order to play free blackjack, but most offer the instant play option available directly in the Internet browser.
  • ㉑ Can I play free online blackjack with other players?
    The options of free online blackjack are usually used in order to train for the game where actual money is involved. It’s not usual to play tournaments alongside other players in the free trials, even more so as each player is actively competing against the dealer, not against each other.
  • ㉑ What type of blackjack game is the most popular?
    Highly popular is the Atlantic City blackjack as it offers the best odds in the gambler’s favor, although the Blackjack Switch is a fun and entertaining option, or the Progressive Jackpot Blackjack.
  • ㉑ Can I play blackjack online on my mobile device?
    There are many casinos that offer the possibility to gamble online using their mobile devices, either smartphones or tablets. Blackjack is usually included in the selection of games adapted for mobile gambling, so it’s pretty often that this game can be played on these devices.