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Online Casino Malaysia

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Free Online Casinos vs. Real Money Casinos in Malaysia

Malaysia Online Casinos

If you are new to gambling, you want to take your time to learn the art and then later start betting with your money. Many online casinos here in Malaysia let you access games for free with the same features as those for real money. After familiarizing yourself with these games, you want to start taking calculated risks so you can earn some income from your skills.

There are numerous reasons for playing in real-money casinos:

  • Play games real money while having fun
  • Access exciting online casino games
  • Participate in tourneys and jackpots
  • Test your skills and patience

As much as most casinos give access to most of their games for free-play, some are reserved for players who place bets. Live gaming is one of them. You only get to play live matches when playing for real money. The thrill of placing your bet against online players that you can banter with through live chats is on a whole other level. These live casinos give players the taste of gaming in a land-based gambling house without having to leave your house.

You get to make real money while having fun when you play at real money Malaysia casinos. Or you could lose it too, you know. Though most casinos have games of chance, you still have to apply a strategy if you intend to make the most of it. And who wouldn’t want a place in the tourneys and jackpots that are only reserved for those playing for real money? Also, after playing for free for a while, you want a chance to test your skills against other players.  Playing for real money opens you up to a whole new world of fun and games as long as you exercise restraint to avoid addiction.

How We Rate Online Casinos Malaysia

We have been reviewing casinos long enough to know the most important aspects are the ones that affect users directly. Game variety, several banking options, compatibility with mobile operating systems, licensing, and game regulation are some of the things we look at when vetting a Malaysia online casino. We are also deeply invested in generous bonuses and a good support team.

Banking Options

Variety in banking options is one of those features we look and advocate for in casinos. You want to be able to use the bank for transfers, cards, and eWallets to deposit and withdrawal money. Most casinos will prefer that you use the same method for both deposit and withdrawal to counter incidences of fraud, but you can apply to change to a different method.

A quick known fact is that eWallets have faster transaction processes than traditional banking methods. Neteller could process your payment in 12 hours max, while a bank transfer could take 24. The cost of the transaction is also different.

Mobile Friendly

Everything has moved online these days, and even better on phones. If a casino’s games are not designed for mobile gaming, then you would be better served in another. Mobile gaming gives you the flexibility to access all the action on your phone so that you can play from anywhere.  You want a Malaysia casino whose games can be accessed through the most popular operating systems, currently Android and iOS.


A stellar support team is vital when choosing where to play. When you are new to either gaming or a casino online Malaysia, some things may not be very clear. You will need to ask questions that will only serve you best when they get clear and fast answers. There are several ways that a joint can stay in touch: live chats – most effective, email, phone calls, and the FAQ section that has answers to the most common questions. We prefer to have as many options as possible and also quick responses to enable you to make timely decisions. The language used should also embrace all users, and the support team should be knowledgeable in all products offered.

Generous Bonuses

Freebies are great for the pocket because they make it possible to save a little. Casinos have several bonuses offers for players at different levels of gaming. For newbie players, welcome bonuses are a way to warm you up and encourage you to play some more. They could be deposit or no-deposit options. Tournaments and jackpots are open to everyone, and their nature allows for a lot of money to be won. Then there is the most common promo for all participants – free spins that are given anyone but mainly restricted to slots. They are, in most cases, wager-free and one of the best ways to make some free money.

Variety of Games

It gets a little boring playing the same game over and over again, and so variety helps. You want to add a little excitement to those slots by substituting with table games or live gaming once in a while. Even if slots are your go-to, it doesn’t hurt having them in different themes. Online casino Malaysia makes this possible by working with different software providers who bring their variety to play. The more game options you have, the better your chances of making more money if you master and apply different strategies.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Malaysia

Being a country that is governed by Islamic law, online gambling Malaysia in its original meaning is frowned upon. In Malaysia, casinos are not allowed to operate, and so those native to the country are unregulated. Civil contract law in the country clearly states that deals made in the form of gambling and wagering are illegal and so there’s little or nothing you can do when a person refuses to honor a wager. That said, so many people still gamble online and even earn a decent living through this art.

The 1953 Betting Act is the most dominant when gambling laws in Malaysia come into play. It states that a person caught carrying on business as a betting house shall be charged 200,000 ringgits or 5 years in jail, a stance that most people find harsh. The main loophole that is exploited is the lack of depth and especially the fact that online betting is not mentioned. The only troubling bit of the Act is the mention of bookmakers negotiating wagers “by telegram or by any other means.” That said, the law does not clearly delegalize online wagering. This alone gives so much confidence to internally licensed casinos.

Another angle to look at when thinking of gambling in Malaysia is the distribution of the population. Sharia law is dominant since about 60% of the country’s population is Islamic, and gambling is prohibited to them. The rest of the population is not held in the same standards, and so they can gamble guilt-free. Because of the law governing the country, local gambling houses are unregulated and have no obligation to players. International ones, on the other hand, operate legally in their countries of domicile, and so they naturally are the safest. If on the Malaysia casino website allows players, then you are assured your money and information shared are safe.

Payment Methods for Malaysian Players

Casinos in Malaysia have their preferred methods of depositing, withdrawing money and placing bets, from traditional banking methods to eWallets. You will have plenty of options, especially from online payment options, if you feel queasy using your card. Before registering an account with a casino, you will want to check whether your preferred method is accepted. Many betting sites provide customers with numerous payment methods; each comes with its open particularities. There are many restrictions for playing casinos, which may cause problems with deposits or withdrawals. It can be hard to transfer money from a bank account to an e-wallet, for example. You can notice it when you use such providers as Neteller or Skrill. In that case, it is better to pay by some local methods. Help2Pay, Paytrust88 are popular among Malaysian players nowadays. All of them are supported by numerous banks, which we recommend you. A younger population is doing away with cards and preferring digital payment platforms that have now blown up in the country. Charges and time to process payments depend on the method used.

We would like to mention MayBank, Public Bank or BSN. These are some of the best banks. By the way, there are no taxes or fees on your winnings, so you can earn more than before. Transferring is a bit difficult since online betting is mostly illegal, and banks pay attention to where the money comes from. You have to keep it in mind if your operation takes a very long time to be processed. Because of it you always have a chance to get into problems, especially paying different cryptocurrency deposits or withdrawals, bookies and the like. But we advise one way how to avoid trouble. You just have to find a bookmaker, who accepts these payments easily. We made a list of the best bookmakers for you. You just have to look through it and choose the most attractive to you. The bottom line is that you can pay in Malaysia if you know, which banks and operators to use.

Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) Accepting

Despite all the features discussed before, online betting in Malaysia still may suggest to you another useful opportunity to gamble in your local currency. Malaysian Ringgit Being helps you play easily and comfortably since there will be no need for extra calculations of your bets and deposits. But this is not just a nice manner of betting online. You have to understand, that bookmakers also may be worried that you can disappear from the list because you do not deal with currency exchange fees. In any case, it is a good opportunity to enjoy playing without a calculator in your mind.

Online Live Casino Malaysia

People who have played in a brick-and-mortar casino before never get over the feeling. The energy, smell of food and cigars, the excitement and music, and basically being in a crowd of merrymakers does something to the system. Because you cannot go to the casino all the time, the casino comes to you these days in the form of online live gaming.

An establishment invests in high-quality cameras and other electronics to deliver the ultimate gambling action live from a studio to people at their homes. Not all games require this kind of action, really, as slots can be played without live betting. Table games are the most popularly played this way. Card games such as Live Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, Live Baccarat, Three Card Poker, and Caribbean Stud Poker are perfectly displayed where players have their choice of tables with different views most of the times – Immersive View, Classic View, or 3D View.

This is how it works; you choose a table among the several available, then settle and place your bet. The dealer coming to you live from a brick-and-mortar studio, announces when the end of the betting session so that you can start playing. They then spin the wheel, and results are announced. Winners will have their accounts credited immediately, while losers have a chance to play again for better luck. Players can keep playing for as long as they have the money to place new bets, and they can switch tables. Live chat is activated so players can speak among themselves.  They can also chat – or even flirt – online with the dealer.

Mobile Casino Malaysia

If the computer remains for some the main device in order to enjoy Malaysia online casino sites, mobile technology has literally exploded in recent years. The developers understood this new trend well and were able to adapt accordingly! Before the evolution of technology, developers simply used flash plugins that didn’t give the best transition for users, but times have necessitated the use of HTML5 tech that is much more effective. It is ideal for both Android and iOS devices, which are the most popular operative systems.

Not all games are converted for online mobile gaming, but the most popular with players – slots and poker – are available. Most casinos have developed apps for these games, too, so that players don’t have to download anything to play. You just need a stable internet and a smartphone, tablet, iPad, or PC. They are instant play too.

Online Betting Malaysia

Online betting in Malaysia becomes more and more popular every single day, although a lot of it is still illegal in the country. The only legal variants are lotteries and horse betting. Despite this fact, over 20% of Malaysian citizens are keen on wagering and do it weekly. People do like different sports and football, which are on the top of this list. Around 90% of all wagering is done on football. Of course, there are numerous games which attract bets too, for example, basketball, badminton and rugby with dozens of clubs all over Malaysia. The betting age is 21 in every legal casino or betting house. Besides, there is no tax on playing in a casino, which is why it can be even more popular in the future.

Let’s discuss some advantages of betting in Malaysia. First of all, sites provide gamblers with numerous banking options, such as e-wallet and withdrawal using prepaid or credit card. We can recommend Help2Pay and FPX as your banking operator. Second of all, a wide range of games are proposed to players, so you have lots to choose from. Sometimes E-tournaments are organized, and it increases the attractiveness of betting. A language barrier may appear, but it is not a problem, since the support team of betting sites works properly and helps you with every single issue. Security and safety of your funds or personal data are guaranteed by all licensed sites. You just need to look at its approval. You see, despite only partially legal, online betting in Malaysia is a good choice for you.

Malay Odds & Asian Handicaps

Malaysian odds have their features, because of which it may differ from other ones. Let’s take a closer look at them. At first, it is better to discuss Malay Odds. It is just a unique type of decimal, the biggest difference between which is the way it is represented. Before playing you have to get used to them to avoid costly errors. Read this little guide to understand the rules. The odds are 1 only when the chance of winning is 50%. Then you can get positive Malay odds, which means that your winnings chance is over 50%. In this case, you can bet on the best one!

On contrary, you can receive negative odds only when your chances are under 50%. If you have it, it is better to bet on the underdog. Malay Odds differs from American ones, that is with you can be bewildered at the beginning. Another feature of Malaysian websites is Asian Handicaps. From the name, you can understand the goal of it. Since most punters prefer it, a handicap is extremely popular nowadays among all the Malaysian players. You can find its lines on many famous leagues, for example, La Liga or Premier League.


Live Casino Betting Malaysia

Usually, you can bet only before a game starts. Live betting changes this rule a bit. While playing a live game you are allowed to continue betting all the time. Besides, if you are playing well, this type of casino game requires a skill set that differs from a handicapped one. Therefore, watching and wagering become more exciting and gamblers get worried about the process. You may notice, that the best live betting sites in Malaysia feature designs. Mostly, sportsbooks provide a healthy selection of different bets, opportunities for live betting and so on. But some of them look for new customers preferring to be one step ahead. In this case, they try to offer unique types of wagering for every player. These types are available only in one special sportsbook, which is why customers are likely to prefer exactly it.

Types of Casino Games

Online casinos have no shortage of casino games Malaysia to boost your moods or meet set wagering requirements on bonuses. Most of them allow you to play as many classes of games as available for free – except table games, of course, and so you can learn as much as you want. Most popular are slots, and many casinos will have hundreds of those in different themes.

Slots are available in like 3D, 5D, or progressives, and they are the most popular game of chance. They don’t have much of a learning curve, so many new players go for this. Table games include Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Hold’em, and they are preferred by seasoned players. Video poker, quite similar to slots, is popular with lots of players, so you will find enough variations at any top online casino website. There are other specialty games such as bingo too.

You tried them all, didn’t you, but you still can’t make up your mind to which one is your favorite? Beginners usually start with slots before graduating to table games, but everyone has a different story about his beginnings and wondering through the online gambling community. Every game has something special that captivates us while grabbing our attention and immersing us in the world of beautifully designed games. Some of us have our favorites, but before becoming an expert for one game, in particular, it is a good idea to try them all just to get a feel for their dynamics and gameplay.

Online Slots

Trying slots for the first time is like playing an arcade game in the 90s, which any slot lover will testify. That cacophony of sound effects and visuals feels overwhelming but jet so satisfying while your favorite themes are popping on that screen. Who would thought that spinning wheels can be so fun and can also provide an opportunity for some juicy jackpot? Things to look out for when choosing a good slot game is a high payout rate plus a low deposit possibility. This is important because it gives players that feeling of security, plus it contributes more versatile gameplay. Why online slot Malaysia is loved is their steep learning curve – two games, and you know what to expect in each slot. They don’t win you lots of money at a go, but the small winnings do add up.

Online Roulette

This game has some long history plus a reputation to match as it is one of the oldest gambling endeavors known to mankind. Today, we enjoy two variations, the more traditional- European, and a more modern-American. If you prefer increasing your chances of winning, you will prefer that European one, but everyone has its preferences, plus any player who enjoys risking might favor the American version that features two zeros. Considered to be a game favored by some aristocracy, it evolved into a peoples game, and it was embraced by everyone, especially after the expansion of online casinos worldwide. The variety of betting possibilities and systems is what attracts players to test their skills by betting on roulette.

Online Blackjack

Origins of this game are also routed deep into the European aristocracy visions of pastime that found its way to common people who like to bet with the same vigor. This is the only game where one can use some sort of cheating if he is very skilled at counting cards. This requires some great memory, but it is perfectly legal to give it a try. Blackjack comes in so many variations aimed at spicing up every gameplay like Spanish 21 or Progressive Blackjack, but the essence remains the same. It is all about getting close to that sum of twenty-one while sipping your favorite cocktail.

Bonus Types

Every casino Malaysia online has a reward system that it uses to keep players – new and existing – motivated. They are in the form of welcome deposit or no-deposit bonuses mainly for people opening an account for the first time at a casino, free spins for slots, and VIP rewards for heavy spenders.

From a general point of view, there are several types of bonuses which Malaysians usually enjoy using:

  • The Welcome Bonus, a must-have that all top most trusted online casinos try and make it as appealing as possible. It usually consists of a matching deposit bonus, while sometimes this option is included in a package along with some free spins.
  • Free Slot Spins give players the possibility to play several spins, without actually putting their own money on the line and keeping the eventual winnings.
  • No Deposit Bonus comes as a marketing strategy and it shares some similitudes to free spins. This type of promotion consists of a small amount of money handed over to gamblers, used to wager for free and keeping the successful outcomes.

Conclusion: Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Casinos Malaysia

We don’t just review the best online casino for Malaysians, but we also do due diligence to ensure only the best get the attention they deserve. All the casinos on our site are licensed, regulated, and the house edge on games is never too high to give the casino advantage over users. We look out for developers who come up with funds and creative games while acknowledging table games, and most video poker options are old-gold. Our lists of the best places to play – with great bonuses, customer care, and access by several countries – are always up to date, another reason you want to trust us to select the Malaysia best casino online for you.

The Betting Act 1953 dictates gambling laws in Malaysia and makes it clear that any form of betting isn’t allowed in the country. What is not clear is whether online bets are classified as land-based gambling. Being predominantly Islamic, Malaysia prohibits acts of gambling, but there are enough loopholes to allow international casinos to operate without a hitch. So, can you gamble online freely in Malaysia? Yes, you can. You may have to hide your activities using a good VPN, but you can gamble in renowned online casinos and even get paid in ringgits while living in Malaysia.

Pros of Gambling Online

  • A wide selection of games
  • Convenience when you can play through your mobile phone
  • Chances to win money while having fun at a real casino online
  • Live gaming is an option for those that prefer the feel of a brick-and-mortar casino
  • Games don’t need downloading, thanks to instant-play from a casino in Malaysia


  • High chances of addiction since gaming is so accessible
  • People end up spending quite a lot of gambling

Before you register an account with any online casino Malaysia, check our site for the latest and safest in the industry. We have something for players of all levels.

FAQ: Malaysia Online Casinos

  •   What Malaysia deposit methods should I use?
    There are several options depending on your casino of choice. The most popular are bank transfers, eWallets such as PayPal and WeChat, cryptocurrencies such as BTC and BTC Cash.
  •   Can I play with Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)?
    Not in all casinos. While some gambling sites offer MYR as a currency choice, most stick with internationally recognized currencies such as the USD and Euros.
  •   What is the gambling age in Malaysia?
    The accepted age for anyone opening an account at a Malaysia casino online is 21.
  •   Can I play at an online casino in Malaysia?
    Yes, you can, but best to select international casinos since those native to Malaysia are likely to be unlicensed and unregulated. Game casino Malaysia options are also diverse at these international gambling houses.