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Lucky 88 Online in Singapore

Lucky 88
Play for free
Min. Bet0.01
Max. Bet50

How lucky do you think you are? Well, with the Lucky 88, you get to test that theory with a game named after one of the luckiest numbers in Asian culture. This slot from Aristocrat has some essential features of Asian culture, but there is no specific theme to it.

If you are a fan of exploring and interacting with different cultures, Lucky 88’s oriental theme allows you to learn a little about Asian folklore, all while bagging incredible wins. The slot has a bet range of 0.01-5, which means it accommodates players with different budgets.

Lucky 88 Features

As you play this game of fortune, there is background music at the beginning that reflects the theme. When it comes to the graphics and the colours, the developer has captured essential aspects. Some of the symbols you will interact with include golden lions, cranes, Chinese drums, a pagoda, lamps, and card values of A, K, Q, and J.

There is also a Chinese man dressed in traditional attire, which is the wild symbol in the game. Every time he appears on your reels, the chances of winning increase since he can replace all other symbols to form a winning combination.

Another special symbol is a pair of dice. This symbol triggers a bonus game. In Lucky 88, there is background music for most of it, but everything goes quiet in the bonus game. However, there is an activity for every win you get in both graphics and sound.

Bonus Rounds

The scatter in the game is the red lantern. This symbol triggers the free game bonus. When this happens, the player needs to choose between getting free spins or a game of dice. For the latter, your luck is crucial.

Lucky 88 Gameplay

The game has a weird reward system in that the numbers used for multipliers are unique. For instance, you will find an 88 times multiplier, which is designed to maintain the theme of the game. Other interesting numbers include the 25 free spins option that is multiplied in the free game. The alternatives gamblers get include:

  1. 25 spins with 5 or 8 when you get a wild on a payline.
  2. 18 spins with 8 or 38
  3. 8 spins with 18 or 88
  4. 4 free games with 88

It is crucial to note that some of these features are only available to players who activate the option before they start spinning.


The idea of luck might be a deterrent for some players, but it shouldn’t. Every online slot in the market depends on luck. The only difference is that Lucky 88 puts emphasis on it and uses the concept as the main building block of the game.

That said, this one has features that promote fair play. If you are thinking about exploring a new option under the oriental theme, then this might be it. There is a demo version that you can use to learn more about this slot.


  • What is the payout percentage in the Lucky 88?
    RTP is 97%
  • What is the game theme of Lucky 88?
    Asian culture theme.
  • Can I play the Lucky 88 on my mobile?
    Yes, you can play on any device.
  • Where can I play Lucky 88 slot?
    You can play in any online casino that have Aristocrat games.