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Goblins Cave Slot in Singapore

Goblins Cave
Play for free
Min. Bet0.03
Max. Bet0.15

Goblins Cave Review

Are you a sucker for wins like the goblin is for shiny objects? Well, in the Goblins Cave slot game, you get one of these creatures to walk you through numerous possibilities to win some cash on this 3-reel, 3-payline classic slot from Playtech. The game has captured the essence of these creatures without depicting the monstrous nature that makes them greedy and scary. In this adventure, you get to walk through a mystical world filled with bright colors and exciting symbols, all of which are in line with what we know about goblins from books and films.

Goblins Cave Features

It is completely understandable if you have never heard of them, as this game will give you a rather fruitful introduction to the fun and thrill that goblins exist in. The first thing you see in the game is a lizard on a shack, and then once you choose the spin option, the gobbling reveals other aspects of its lair. The symbols in the game include coffee pots, crowns, jewelled rings, and goblin coins, and ruby jewels.

While landing a particular number of any of these symbols gives you the chance to win something, your best chances to walk away with something worthwhile is if you get either of the following:

  1. Red Gem – this is the wild, and it replaces all other symbols except the wild, and it completes winning combinations.
  2. Lantern – with this symbol, you move to the bonus game.

Bonus Round

This game presents as an interesting choice, although it is not the only slot of its kind you will find on the internet. The one thing that differentiates it from others of its kind is that if you get a scatter treasure chests appear and each has a different prize, you get to pick one.

Goblins Cave Gameplay

Since there are many slot game options in the online gambling world, many people would regard Goblins Cave as an ideal choice for those looking to play for fun.  While this is true, and the demo version is straightforward to understand for all players, you have the option to play slot for real money.

The game has an RTP of 99.32%, which is one of the highest numbers you will find. The betting range is anything between 0.03-0.15, meaning this is a game best played by low-rollers. If you do decide to play for real money, you can walk away with decent cash.


Other than the exciting symbols and graphics, the game has an additional feature that allows you to get two spins for one wager. In the Goblins Cave slot, you get more playtime, which means more fun and increased chances of winning.

The theme of the game expresses a high degree of mystery and possibilities in the unknown, and this is one of the reasons that many people enjoy it. Since the theme is based on an entirely fictional idea, Playtech decided to play around with the concept. Thus, while Goblins Cave might sound like something gruesome and scary, this particular game is all about fun and rewards.


  • What is the payout percentage in the Goblins Cave?
  • What is the game theme of Goblins Cave?
    Unique goblin creatures.
  • Where can I play Goblins Cave slot?
    In any online casino that have Playtech games, but we recommend King Billy Casino.