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Cleopatra Plus Slot in Singapore

Cleopatra Plus
Play for free
Min. Bet0.4
Max. Bet200

Cleopatra Plus Review

Egyptian-themed slots are slowly becoming a popular choice amongst gamblers. This has led to the development of numerous games with the theme by various software providers. While you might consider this increase in similar-themed slots an over-kill, IGT software provider has produced Cleopatra Plus, to show you that there is still room to cover.

This 5-reel 40 payline slot takes on a different approach to the regular pieces about Cleopatra and gives them a new twist. In it, your job is to gunner as much support as you can from Egyptian citizens. This video slot is considered one of the few multi-themed games.

Cleopatra Plus Features

The game design is slightly underwhelming, especially for IGT. The visuals are significantly dulled by the blank-dark background that takes away the effect of the theme. However, the reels are well-designed, and they contain golden-symbols to communicate the affluence of Cleopatra. The sound is also impressive, and it creates an atmosphere of anticipation whenever the reels are spinning.

This way, you build up the tension, which means a more thrilling experience. Most of the symbols are relevant to the theme, but the developer included poker card values 9, 10, J, Q, K. These are the least paying ones.

On the reels, you will find Hieroglyphs and a fan and other items with meaning in Egyptian culture or items that were always in Cleopatra’s possession. Cleopatra acts the wild in the slot, and getting a number of her on the reels means your wins are multiplied, and more winning combinations are completed.

There is a Cleopatra plus bonus that is activated by three or more citizen symbols. The citizens are the scatter, and the wins you get from the bonus round are multiplied.  IGT has added a unique spin to the slot, making it more of an adventure that many other releases.

Cleopatra Plus Gameplay

At the start of the game, you need to set a betting range, which can be anything between 40-2000 credits. Once this is done, you need to specify the deity you are playing with. Another essential selection is that of the map.

Cleopatra Plus is a combined adventure of governance, and your purpose is to get as many followers, Egyptian citizens, as you can. The higher your level of play, the bigger the treasures and prizes. As such, one of the main tasks you will be taking on is finding people who believe in your governance.


IGT has provided a free trial version for the slot, and it is best to indulge in that before you start playing for real money. Cleopatra Plus has additional features that might take a minute to grasp; thus, you need to understand how to progress in player level to get the most of the game.

Also, since the slot has a high betting range, it is ideal for someone who is not worried about their bankroll running out. Learning the foundational aspects of the game allows you to enjoy the adventure through different parts of Cleopatra’s world.