Understanding Singapore’s Casino Age Limit: What You Need to Know?

Gambling is popular in Singapore, both in online and physical casinos, yet heavily regulated by the government. All casinos in Singapore have to abide by the prescribed Singapore casino age limit. You should know about such laws, whether you are a local or a tourist visiting the city of Merlions.


Singapores casino age limit

The newly formed Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) tightly regulates the gambling scene in Singapore. It restricts gambling to integrated resorts— Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore pools and lottery, poker machines, and social gambling with family and friends.

The authority imposes strict age limits on gambling and lays out provisions for non-adherence for players residing in Singapore or outside the country.

The Gambling Control Act and the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore Act empower the GRA. With the establishment of GRA, all traditional acts like the Casino Control Act and the Remote Gambling Act have been withdrawn.

This post will further clarify the law, the reasons behind these regulations, and the casino age limit Singapore, which the government has set to encourage responsible gambling in the country.

Legal Age Limit for Casino Entry in Singapore

Entering casinos in Singapore requires you to be at least 21 years old. There are no exceptions to this law. It applies to everyone, regardless of nationality or whether people over this age accompany you. If you’re under 21, you won’t be allowed on the casino premises.

However, the age limit for online betting Singapore in Singapore pools and purchasing lottery tickets is 18. The Casino Singapore age limit law also restricts hiring people under 18 in gambling establishments.

The reason behind these stricter age restrictions is that casinos are considered a higher-risk environment compared to other forms of gambling.

Why Does the Age Limit Exist?

The age limit for casino entry across Singapore is not arbitrary and provides essential safeguards for young adults. It is a known fact that the teen years are most related to brain development, especially areas concerning decision-making and impulse control.

By restricting casino entry until the age of 21, the government ensures that young adults don’t develop an early gambling habit and fall into any sort of addiction, substance abuse, financial problems, or mental health issues.

These limits show that the Singaporean government is committed to responsible gambling. You should know that these age bars are similar to those in other countries that have legalised gambling.

Singaporeans/Permanent Residents: The Entry Levy

Singaporean locals visiting physical casinos must pay an entry levy. This mandatory fee limits people entering a casino for casual gambling and promotes responsible gambling.

It is like a cover charge for entry into a casino. S$150 is the daily levy for a single 24-hour visit, and S$3,000 is the annual fee. The one-time annual fee grants unlimited casino entry for a year; however, you cannot stay inside for more than six hours.

It’s important to note that the fee only applies to permanent residents of the country. Tourists and foreign visitors do not need to pay this fee, but they must be at least 21 years old to enter a Singaporean casino. With such norms, the government aims to encourage responsible gambling among people in Singapore.

Consequences of Underage Gambling

Underage gambling is taken very seriously in Singapore. If you’re below 21 and caught gambling at a casino, you can face strict consequences.

Those charged with underage gambling might have to pay a fine of up to S$1,500, even for entering a casino’s slot machine room.

A facility that does not stop minors from gambling (except in social settings) can face a fine of up to S$300,000, or the owner might end up in prison for up to 6 years, or both.

Casinos must enforce the age limit strictly. If they fail to do that, they might face hefty fines or even a suspension of their license.

These rules highlight the strong take of the government on underage gambling in Singapore. It’s best to wait until you’re of legal age and gamble responsibly.

Responsible Gambling Measures in Singapore

The age restriction is one of the steps to promote responsible gambling practices. The government also implements other responsible gambling measures in the country, such as:

  • Self-Exclusion Programs: The government insists casinos have self-exclusion programs for individuals concerned about their gambling habits. Gamblers can use these self-exclusion programs and decide a fixed duration for which they want to be restricted from entering a casino.
  • Deposit and Loss Limits: Deposit and loss limits help individuals restrict excessive gambling. Casinos allow players to set a fixed deposit or loss limit within a specific time frame. This allows players to keep better track of their finances and avoid compulsive gambling.
  • Educational Campaigns: In collaboration with non-profit organisations, the Singapore government consistently engages in educational campaigns to raise awareness about responsible gambling. The main focus of such campaigns is to highlight the risks associated with gambling addiction.
  • Hotlines and Support Services: The government has also set up hotlines and support agencies like the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) to assist people with gambling addiction. These provide counselling to people suffering from gambling addiction through web-based programs.

The government exerts considerable effort to ensure responsible gambling in Singapore. With strict rules and resources, Singaporeans can learn betting within a healthy gambling culture.


Singapore is a great place for avid gambling fans, but only if you are over 21 or above. The government has various rules to promote responsible gambling behaviour amongst its citizens, such as the entry levy and tools to regulate and prevent problem gambling.

The government’s focus goes beyond age restrictions with tools like self-exclusion, limits on losses and deposits, and providing support through educational campaigns and dedicated agencies.

Ultimately, you must understand that gambling should only be seen as a means of fun and not as a money-making alternative.

If you or someone you know has problem gambling concerns, resources like hotlines and support services are readily available in Singapore. Do not hesitate to seek help whenever required.

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