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Multihand Blackjack in Singapore

Multihand Blackjack
Play for free
ProviderPragmatic Play
Min. Bet1
Max. Bet50

Multihand Blackjack Review

Most Singaporeans that play Blackjack will attest to its challenge, which is why it is currently the most popular table game. It is not just about counting cards, but also continually learning how to come as close to 21 as possible without bursting and losing an entire round. When you have played single-hand blackjack long enough, you feel ready to move on to the next challenge that allows you to play two hands at the same time without losing focus. Challenging? Definitely. Volatile? You bet, since your chances to lose increase at the same pace as your chances to win.

Multihand Blackjack Features

When playing this version of Blackjack online or through a mobile device, you get the same features as you would at land-based casinos. Rules are the same, too, with a few exceptions. For instance, you can control the pace of your game using the Turbo Mode or Fast Play. The Rebet and Deal button reshuffles cards and starts a new round where cards are dealt afresh.  If background music is a little too distracting, you can lower the volume or turn it off altogether, and you also get to choose the gender of your dealer.

Other features include reminders, where the software asks you whether you are certain of your decision when you choose to hit after getting a hard 17.  Autoplay keeps the game going if you want to take a quick break or are distracted but don’t want to end a round.

Different game developers offer special features for audiences at different levels. Microgaming and Pragmatic Play are especially generous to novice players with their strategy chart that shows you how to go about the game and is especially beneficial during the practice mode. Microgaming’s version has a feature that automatically accepts insurance when the dealer’s up card is Ace. Younger players from Singapore and other parts of the world that spend most of their time online get to play on instant-play mode without downloading the game, and they could also go live from the developer’s studio.


When the game loads, you have the option to play two hands at the same time instead of one. You get to control the pace of your game using features on the interface through your mobile device. The same options for traditional Blackjack remain here so that players can Hit, Stand, Double Down, Split Pairs, or Surrender when they are out of options. It is volatile in both positive and negative ways. If, for instance, the dealer has Ace and a 10-value card, you could lose all the hands you are playing in a flash. The converse is true.


If you really want to play the free mode of this game, you just have to look for a developer with the best features. Multi-hand Blackjack is more challenging than single-hand, but it is rewarding especially when played for real SGD in casino against seasoned players. The blackjack strategy takes time, but in the end, you earn skills that you can use for long.